Training To Become Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) Healing Medium

All Trainee Healing Mediums will normally spend two years training during which time they under the formal training requirements of the SNU Healing Committee in accordance with the Code of Conduct and Healing and the Law.  Trainees must pass the H1 – SNU Healing Education Course – thus gaining theoretical knowledge. This is one of the courses in the SNU Education Scheme and Trainees are responsible for registering as a student and making application for the H1 Course.  During the two years they have practical experience, under supervision, of all aspects of the healing group’s work. After this training period Healers may apply for an upgrading assessment to Approved Healer status. The upgrading assessment will consist of a practical and oral test taken at District level.

Criteria for Joining the SNU Healing Training Scheme
You must be either


You must register with the SNU Healing Committee (see below *) before your period of training begins by completing a Registration Form obtainable from the Healing Office and returning it duly completed along with the initial registration fee.

If you are an Individual Member of the SNU, sponsored by an SNU Approved Healer who will oversee your training, you must register with the SNU Healing Committee before your period of training begins by completing a Registration Form and returning it duly completed with the appropriate initial registration fee.

Initial Fee for Registering with the SNU Healing Committee
Full or Associate Member of an SNU Church   £30  (Annual Renewal Fee  £30)

Individual Member of the SNU  £30  ( Annual Renewal Fee  £30 )

The Objectives of the Healing Training Scheme
To ensure that healers registered with the SNU Healing Committee have undergone a procedure of training, education, experience and assessment, whereby they can demonstrate a level of knowledge and skill sufficient to attain an Approved Healer status as determined by the SNU Healing Committee, and in line with the minimum standards of the UK Healers Regulatory Body.

On satisfactory completion of training and an upgrading assessment, the trainee will be recommended by the Assessment panel to the SNU Healing Committee to be upgraded to Approved Healer status and possess the skill and practical experience needed for the practice of healing in the United Kingdom and within the SNU. The SNU Healing Committee have the final say in upgrading assessments.

 Requirements before you can apply for upgrading to Approved Healer Status


Registrations Office: Redwoods, Stansted Hall, Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, CM24 8UD.  Tel:0845 4580768 or 01279 816363   Email:


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